Who we are

Who we are. What we strive for.

We are pleased to introduce our company principles to you. They are part of our corporate identity, which is composed of our corporate principles, strategic goals, organizational charts, competencies and our understanding of leadership. In summary, this reflects our corporate identity.

The implementation of these principles into a guideline for the daily actions of our employees is our concern. In a short and concise form, you describe our position and specify the goal and direction of all our activities.

At the same time, however, they are also an internal commitment, in that we repeatedly open up opportunities for our employees to help shape and develop.

Our values

Our corporate principles

| We design our products and services with the goal of helping our customers solve the challenges they have to meet. This gives us an opportunity to pick up on new ideas and trends that will be reflected in the development of innovative high-quality tools.

| We focus on application issues and offer solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies and pneumatic, hydraulic and electric tools.

| We use our know-how to recognize current and future market needs. Our innovative developments set new standards in terms of performance, user-friendliness, efficiency, precision, safety, and reliability, as well as ease of control and evaluation.

| We strive to gradually expand relevant fields of business both geographically, as well as technologically.

| We value technical service as our responsibility for the long-term protection of work equipment and customer-oriented service.

| We strengthen the profitability of our company to safeguard the future of the business. We aim at identifying and evaluating emerging value creation potentials and implementing them through improvements.

| We manufacture and procure high-quality tools and components all over the world. Our strength is our partner-based cooperation which rests on mutually recognized values such as reliability, efficiency and flexibility.

| We nurture our team spirit in a climate of openness, respect, friendliness, loyalty, trust, and fairness as fundamental prerequisites for maintaining and expanding our compatibility.

| We promote personal responsibility, creativity, freedom of opinion, personal improvement, and personal initiative to make sure good ideas reflect in our products and processes.

| We efficiently design and continuously improve our internal operations as a prerequisite to reaching our objectives.

| We understand the fusion of tradition and innovation as our commitment and a unique feature of our corporate culture. It helps us protect our market position and secure corporate loyalty in the long term both internally and externally.