Howdon Torque limiters

Who we are

Howdon Power Transmission has been involved in the design and manufacture of torque limiters for over 40 years. Howdon invented the revolutionary Wedgegard Shearpin Torque Limiter in 1977 to address demand for a simple solution to torque overload protection.

A torque limiter is a device that protects mechanical equipment, such as conveyors and pumps, from damage by jamming or overload.

Traditional overload clutches and torque sensors can be expensive and complicated to use. We developed our wedge-shaped shearpin to overcome the problems associated with conventional round shearpins. We continue to build on the success of the Wedgegard Shearpin Torque Limiter, developing robust, dependable torque limiters to avoid the mechanical drive overload problems that can occur under the increasing demands of today’s processing plant.

Our coupling torque limiter range includes:
- Type DIN Spacer
- Type SAE Spacer
- Chain & Pulley Drives (Type S HUB)
- Flexible Couplings
- Gear Type Couplings
- Chain Couplings
- Phasing Hubs
- Water Industry Couplings
- Bespoke engineered solutions (on request)

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Our values

Howdon values:
- Consistent quality
- Proactive engineering soliutions
- Strong customer focus
- Always carry a large range of our products in stock
- Shipped around the world, on time and on budget

"We are extremely proud of what we manufacture and how we respond to our customers"
Howard Miles, Managing Director

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