Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd

Who we are

Hubei Cubic-Ruiyi Instrument Co., Ltd was established in 2010 and located at “Optical valley, Wuhan” in China, a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Wuhan Cubic Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., Cubic-Ruiyi is a hi-tech enterprise specializing in development, production and sales for gas analyzer,systems, ultrasonic gas flowmeter , monitoring solutions of networking industry.

Our values

Committed to the development philosophy of “Possess key technologies and realize industrial innovation”, and based on the core sensor technology of infrared (NDIR), thermal conductivity TCD, chemiluminiscence CLD, hydrogen flame FID, ultrasonic and laser Raman with independent intellectual property.

Cubic-Ruiyi has successfully developed world leading ultrasonic gas flowmeter and energy conservation & emission reduction instruments like flue gas analyzer, biogas analyzer, syngas analyzer, emission gas analyzer and so on, which has been widely used in electric power, steel, nonferrous metals, coal chemical, petrochemical, waste incineration, anaerobic digestion, motor vehicles and engine testing, oil and gas exploration, comprehensive utilization of coal-bed methane, air separation, energy saving and environmental protection departments, research institutions and civilian use and so on.

Up to now,Cubic-Ruiyi has obtained 15 patents, 28 software registrations, 7 registered trademarks and another 24 patents pending. Our products are well sold throughout China and have been exported to 74 countries worldwide.

Our presence around the world