Huber Kältemaschinenbau SE

Who we are

Inspired by temperature

Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau was established in 1968 by Peter Huber as one of the first enterprises specialised in the development and construction of temperature control systems. Today, our company employs around 450 people at the headquarter in Offenburg, the 'Tango Factory'. In addition, international subsidiaries and trading partners provide a solid foundation for comprehensive support and services all over the world.

We are technology leader for high precision thermoregulation solutions in research and industry. Our products ensure precise temperature control in laboratories, pilot plants and production processes throughout the whole world – from -125 °C to +425 °C.

Besides dynamic temperature control systems we develop and produce chillers as well as classic heating and cooling circulators. Typical applications can be found in the automotive industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, aerospace engineering and medical industry.

For many applications we supply custom-tailored solutions, which we develop in cooperation with our customers.

Milestones and Innovations

Huber temperature control machines have revolutionised the world of temperature control technology. We are the technology leader with our Unistats and inspire users all over the world. Developments from the 'Tango Factory' are ecologically and economically an optimal solution for a number of temperature control applications.

For the tenth time we have been presented with the TOP100 award for being one of the most innovative enterprises with more than 200 employees in Germany. In the process, we were particularly convincing in the category ""Innovation success"".

Numerous milestones and revolutionary ideas characterise our company's history and proof of our innovative strength:

Our values

The Huber product range offers solutions for all temperature applications from -125 °C to +425 °C. The range includes highly dynamic temperature control systems with cooling capacities up to 250 kW as well as chillers and heating and cooling thermostats for applications in laboratory, pilot plant and production.

Dynamic Temperature Control Systems – Unistat®, Tango®, Grande Fleur®, Petite Fleur®
Huber Unistat offer unmatched thermodynamics and advanced control technology.
• Efficient heating and cooling technology
• Short heating and cooling
• Wide temperature range with no fluid exchange
• More than 60 models with cooling of 0.7 to 130 kW

Heating and Cooling Thermostats – Compatible Control®, MPC®, Ministat®, Variostat®
The Huber thermostat program written to model a wide range of temperatures from -90 ° C to +300 ° C.
• Hook-and bridge thermostats
• Baths with polycarbonate or stainless steel baths
• Circulators for external temperature
• Refrigeration and Low Refrigerated Circulators
• Over 70 models with cooling capacities up to 7 kW

Chiller – Unichiller®, Minichiller®, RotaCool®
Huber Minichiller and Unichiller offer environmentally friendly and economic cooling solutions.
• Environmentally friendly alternative to cooling with fresh water
• Small size, high performance
• Rugged stainless steel construction
• Proven, reliable technology life
• Over 50 models with cooling capacities from 0.3 to 50 kW