HUTCHINSON Belt Drive Systems

Who we are

Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems, the inventor of the Poly V design, is globally recognised as the specialist in recommendation through calculation for belt drive power transmission.

Hutchinson Belt Drive Systems develops and manufactures complete transmission systems incorporating ribbed belts, linear tensioners, Thermodur pulleys, rollers and decoupling pulleys.

As an industry leader, Hutchinson works with the largest manufacturers in the Household Electrical Appliance, Automotive and Industry sectors (Ventilation/Air Conditioning, Agricultural Machinery, Construction, Handling and Conveying, Mines and Quarries, Paper Industry, Fitness, Industrial Vehicles, Energy, etc.).

Since its founding in 1853, Hutchinson has developed its know-how, skills and technological expertise for improved performance in safety, comfort and well-being. Hutchinson, a French company from the Chemical Branch of the Total group is one of the world’s leaders in elastomer transformation.

By offering smart solutions for a world on the move, Hutchinson is helping to make mobility safer, more comfortable and sustainable, today and tomorrow. Our Group combines innovation and operational excellence to meet customer needs on land, in the air and at sea.

Customers looking to improve comfort, safety and energy efficiency rely on Hutchinson smart solutions to meet their most challenging requirements. Our innovations cover a wide variety of particularly demanding markets, from automotive and aerospace to defense, energy, rail and industry.

Hutchinson is a global leader in vibration control, fluid management and sealing technologies. With 44,000 employees in 25 countries, we generated revenues of €4.314 billion in 2019. Our main goal is guaranteeing the comfort and safety of all Hutchinson customers.

Our values

Year after year, HUTCHINSON has reasserted its position as the world leader in elastomer technologies.

In a changing and ever more competitive environment,
In a context of high price pressure on our products and the raw materials that we use.

And it is our will to remain number one ! Adding “operational excellence” to our historical and founding values – our ability for innovation and adaptation, the skills and professionalism of our teams – on which will proceed and go on basing a sustainable and profitable growth.