Hypersen Technologies Company

Who we are

Hypersen Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015. We are a Chinese high-tech company who produce and sell intelligent sensors for precise optical and mechanical measurement. 

At present, our products include Chromatic Confocal Sensors, 6D Force Torque Sensor, High-speed Industrial Camera, Laser Displacement Sensors, Solid-state LiDAR, ToF (Time of Flight) Ranging Sensors, etc., serving for customers in Industrial precision testing, AGV, Robots, IoT, ITS, Industrial 4.0, Vehicles, Consumer electronics, Drones and many other fields. All of our products are patented and have independent IPs.

Our values

Hypersen is dedicated to establishing a premium brand of intelligent sensors. We will keep innovate and provide customers with high-performance, high-reliability sensor products for precise optical and mechanical measurement.