I-care Group

Who we are

Since 2004, I-care group has become world renowned and has positioned itself as a leader in predictive maintenance and reliability. The strong growth of our company allowed us to be present on different continents and to be established in many countries.

I-care's activities are grouped around services related to predictive maintenance and reliability solutions. For this we use monitoring tools that track the health of your production tools and increase your productivity. Our mission is to help you optimize your maintenance plans and production shutdowns to better control your costs. We also offer training and coaching in these areas.

In addition, the Wi-care and I-see solutions developed by I-care fully meet your expectations in terms of maintenance 4.0. Our technology enables tracking, remote analysis and alarm threshold programming, reducing time and travel constraints while providing advanced diagnostics on the status of your equipment.

To meet your needs, I-care focuses on technological innovation by developing its own range of tools and wireless software dedicated to Maintenance 4.0: Wi-care ™ and I-see ™. They allow us a complete predictive analysis for maintenance thanks to different technologies such as vibration, infrared thermography, ultrasound and oil analysis.

Our values

The quality of our services is ensured through our commitments in terms of flexibility, independence, results and technical expertise. Indeed our slogans are MISSION / AMBITION / VALUES :


We offer only proven industrial solutions, implemented, tested and validated by demanding users every
day. We adapt our delivery models to the needs of our customers, taking their internal know-how about Pre-dictive Maintenance & Reliability into account.

Our ambition is to set up a new standard of excellence in Predictive Maintenance and Reliability.


- RESPECT FOR THE HUMAN BEING : Well-being : safety, health, social care, ergonomics, hygiène and workplace, Have fun, Humility
Honesty, Team Spirit, Fair-play, Trust, Loyalty, Self-transcendence

- PERFORMANCE : Professionalism, Satisfaction, Excellence, Innovation, Efficiency, Skills, Sense of responsibility

- SUSTAINABILITY : Independance, Innovation, Growth, Expansion, Ethics, Profitability, Investment, Continuous learning