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IB Kracht bv

Who we are

I.B. Kracht, established in 1933, is a technical commercial enterprise specialized in mechanical components and electrical heating systems. Our range of products and services are tailored according to our customers’ needs and their changing requirements. I.B. Kracht can assist your engineers in the application and design of bearings and heating components.
I.B. Kracht has the ambition to supply high quality, unique and innovative products, helping their customers fulfill and exceed their productivity and performance expectations. In a creative partnership with them, I.B. Kracht will develop innovative solutions designed to pave the way to success.
Mechanical components:
sliding bearings, linear bearings, ceramic bearings, air bearings, magnetic bearings.
Electrical heating systems:
industrial furnaces, laboratory heat treatment, electric heating elements, furnace construction materials. 

Our values

We at IB Kracht are committed to conducting our business ethically and sustainably. We respect the internationally recognized principles and standards of business ethics and integrity. In a sustainable corporation, economic performance, social responsibility and environmental impact are balanced. 
We at IB Kracht do not compromise safety in any circumstances. Our employees’ well-being is important for us. We do our best to protect the environment and people around us.

Read our full code of conduct on our website: https://www.kracht.nl/company/page64.html