iiM AG measurement + engineering

Who we are

iiM AG measurement + engineering is the developer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, high-performance products for industrial image processing.

In Germany, we develop and manufacture on the hand high-performance and highly functional LED lights under the LUMIMAX® brand for machine vision applications in a very wide range of industrial areas, such as for the automobile, semiconductor, pharma, food, drinks and tobacco industries.

On the other hand the second division of iiM AG develops and markets under the brand VisioCablePro® special measuring technology and peripherals for the cable and wire industry to record geometric features, particularly on insulating covers and cable sheathing, in accordance with standards.

A team of over 50 engineers, technicians and skilled workers assists our customers as a partner when realising their challenges.

Our values

- 18 years experience in the field of industrial image processing
- made in Germany – highest level of quality and functionality
- technical training and workshops
- individual advice by trained personnel
- Customer-specific developments of products