Imbal Stock Srl

Who we are

From packaging systems to handling systems, from manual to automatic packaging. We are actively present in the graphic, paper, food, clothing sectors and in the manufacturing industry in general.

Imbal Stock is the Italian company specialized in the design and construction of key in hand packing plants. For years, has been a leader in the packaging market realizing automatic packaging machines specifically to meet any customer requirement.

Know-how and applied design allows to provide and customize the equipment varying from Manual L sealers to automated ones, continuous side sealers intermittent and servo driven, flowpack with customized sealing systems, wrappers with gas flushing system incorporated. Our supply is completed with various consumables (film) and spare parts for the machines’ range.

The partnership established with "System Integrators", allows us to also install plants and in-line systems for this purpose. The inclusion of a wrapper in an automated existing line, or the study of a new production unit, is part of our business logic, according to a concept of full service.

The after-sales service is our key advantage, pride reason that distinguishes us from the competition, both for the immediacy of action and professionalism with which we work on all packaging machines and packaging plants. The services offered contemplate: education and training for customer’s staff, technical support and extra and/or preventive maintenance.


The experience gained in the field since 1978, in direct contact with customers, has enabled IMBAL STOCK to be active in the packaging market since 1994, and over the years to form a proven team of industry specialists.

The technical knowledge accumulated over the years, has helped to create a highly professional background, able to define as quickly as possible, the solution most suitable and economically viable, for several packaging issues.


It is from the 1999, the joint venture with a major US group of San Dimas (California), which allowed IMBAL STOCK develop and build in Italy a series of automatic packaging machines which are configured as one of the most innovative and technologically advanced.
Since 2001 IMBAL STOCK places on the market L sealers, synthesis of years of experience, designed and built for reliability, speed and ability to get perfectly sealed and shrinked packs with a variety of films.


Today IMBAL STOCK is able to provide and customize, shrink wrappers, bundling machines, tunnels, flow pack wrappers linked with transport systems, robots and other automated equipment.

IMBAL STOCK means not only standard machines, but also special systems, specifically designed for the different production needs of our customers.

Our values


Packaging quality as a fundamental component in the life of consumable products.
Imbal Stock’s machinery are the result of a constant commitment to providing a variety of solutions with the widest variety of choice to allow customers achieve their production in absolute tranquility.
Underlying the Imbal Stock’s quality is a legacy of "packaging knowledge" that has its roots in the tradition of packaging technologies.


The technological range of the machines reflects Imbal Stock capacity to deal with any issue relating to the quality of packaging. Each project, each property has functional requirements for various productions.
Imbal Stock can best respond to these requests, associating the added value of manufacturing quality and efficiency of its machinery, which is also a result of the collaboration of the best engineers in the packaging sector.


Each project is a high functional and effective quality product, created to ensure maximum reliability in time. These characteristics are reflected in an absolutely balanced economic value, and especially representative of a winning value-image ratio.
Purchase a product Imbal Stock means secure a very high quality of packaging, with a high functionality and reliability at your complete service designed to last over time.