Industrial Lift

Who we are

Industrial Lift, a division of Boat Lift Co, is the result of decades of technical experiences in the field of Lifting and Handling Sytems, with particular focus on the needs of operators dealing with Industrial Sites, Production Lines, Stocking Areas, Shipyards, Steel and Concrete Fabricators, Construction, Wind and Oil Industry, Mining, etc.

Our values

Our Corporate approach is based on the ability to evaluate Customers’ specific needs with the purpose of responding to requirements at any production stage, from design to implementation. Advanced technology, up-to-date softwares and machineries, new materials that bring to a finalproduct of undisputed quality and reliability. Industrial Lift self-propelled systems can be suitably designed for handling loads of considerable weight and dimension and our skilled technical staff is constantly receptive to optimize and customize any of our vehicles according to different requirements.