Isimsan Ltd. Sti.

Who we are

Isımsan is an international engineering company for mixing and plant technology. The headquater is located in Izmir, the second largest coastal metropolis in Turkey.

In 2016 Isımsan opened a new headquarter. A technical center, up-to-date production standards and a technically well-trained staff are forming a high-quality mechanical engineering. Isimans engineering solutions are planned, manufactured, operated and maintained according to international guidelines and regulations. They operate reliable and without interferences.
High standards of quality and service, an international network for sales and service, customer proximity and reliability awaits you.

Our values


“Transferring and processing different solid materials and liquids to the relevant production process in an extremely sensitive manner with quality and cost consciousness."

This is roughly the main task in the development of our mechanical engineering solutions. From the very beginning, we act here according to the needs and formulations of our customers. We are also very experienced in processing high quality materials and fluids. Therefore we supply all the services from basic engineering to the production of our components and the final assembly from one source. Since we manage each project stage by ourselves, all relevant people work together under the same project. In this way, we can reduce the conflicting points to provide smooth project flows.


We accumulate knowledge over the years and use it in favor of our customers. This way, we can apply the mixing methods used in the food sector to process the sensitive raw materials found in the chemical sector at the same time. In short, we are transferring technologies that have been in use for many years to an area where those technologies are regarded as the innovations.


Operational knowledge is a prerequisite for the construction of mechanical engineering solutions. But without a professional craftsmanship, only a theoretical value remains. The construction of high-quality facilities can only be carried out with well-established craftsmanship. In order to meet different demands on production, the welding process must be implemented correctly. At least for us this matter is very important.

Only in this way we can and do fulfill the high demands of our customers.

Our presence around the world