Isoil Industria Spa

Who we are

ISOIL Industria since 1958, is a global manufacturer and supplier of electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters for liquids, thanks to HEMINA, its production centre and LIBRA, its accredited calibration laboratory.

With product lines covering flow, Levels, Energy Measurement, Analysis, Automation and Controls, Hardware Systems and Software, we operate mainly in the sectors of the integrated water cycle, HVAC, industrial automation, security and transport control, food and chemical industries, agriculture and building automation.

Through the divisions ISOCONTROL (water sector), ISOTHERMIC (thermal energy, industrial and civil automation), and ISOTRACK (railway and public transport in general), ISOIL Industria offers a qualified and specialized service that goes from personalized advice before purchasing through to maintenance plans and technical assistance.

Our comprehensive range of instrumentation, complex software systems and technical measurement services offer high quality and safety standards.

By proposing ourselves as a single interlocutor, we guarantee to the customer the full assumption of responsibility for the supply and the overall performance of the installed system.

Creating value for customers is a priority for us: we can do this by establishing collaborative relationships that last over time and increase performance. Sharing experience, trust, and a way of working that is always effective in providing optimal solutions.

ISOIL Industria products are designed, developed and manufactured at our Hemina production centre

- ISOMAG® electromagnetic flow meters
- ISOFLUX® ultrasonic flow meters
- ISONRG® thermal energy meters
- ISOD@M® flow data and analysis management software

In addition to a complete range of instrumentation (meters, sensors, samplers, counters, etc.), we provide systems and software for the safe management of plants and processes, and technical measurement services.

Our values

Solid growth since 1958

- 1958, the birth of ISOTHERMIC SWISS for the exclusively distribution of foreign manufactured products in the Italian market.
- 1970 the birth of Oil Meter, manufacturing volumetric flow-meters for the chemical and petroleum industries.
- 1988 The birth of GRUPPO ISOIL from the merger of Isothermic Swiss and Oil Meter.
- 1993 The Foundation of the Oil Meter Sistemi company for the development of industrial process automation software.
The offices in Milan transfer to the new ISOIL building. In the same YEAR commences the manufacturing of Electro Magnetic flow-meters.
- 1998 the birth of HEMINA Spa, manufacturing the ISOMAG® line of Electro-magnetic flow-meters.
- 2000 the Group creates two new companies: ISOIL Impianti, specializing in the movement of hydrocarbons and ISOIL Industria, which continues the commercial activities of selling foreign brands of instrumentation and its line of flow-meters under the ISOMAG®
- 2001 reorganization of the ISOIL INDUSTRIA sale structure into the following divisions IsoControl, IsoThermic, IsoTrack and Estero.
- 2006 the launch of the innovative magnetic flow-meter FLOWIZ™, the first magnetic flow-meter in the world to be powered by battery and with the ability to communicate wirelessly over the GPRS network.
- 2008 HEMINA moves to a new larger production facility.
- 2009 MID-MI001 /OIML-R49 and MID-MI004 certification of AC and/or DC powered ISOMAG® flowmeters.
- 2011 the launch of the new product-line ISONRG™ for energy measurement with the relevant certification MID-MI004 / EN1434. Launch of the new FLOWIZ® NEXT. Birth of the Brazilian branch ISOIL LAMON INDUSTRIA DE EQUIPAMENTOS E SERVICOS DE INSTRUMENTACAO LTDA. HEMINA obtains OHSAS 18001
- 2012 Birth of the Chinese branch ISOIL INDUSTRIA HONG KONG LTD. HEMINA doubled its facility in Montagnana with the construction of a second building. The MID-MI001 and OIML-R49 certification of FLOWIZ™, the battery powered magnetic flow-meter.
- 2013 Accreditation of the LIBRA calibration center for liquid flowmeters, in accordance with ISO17025. Launch of the new line of ISOFLUX ™ ultrasonic meters and ISOD@M ™
- 2017 At the Hemina production center, calibration line n. 8 comes into action for flows up to 4m3/s. Unique in Italy, is one of the largest in Europe.

Our presence around the world