Who we are

~~Acting with its principle of "Providing World Standard Solutions" ever since its foundation, Istanbul Elektrostatik Makine produces Powder Coating and Wet Paint Plants with its experience and expert staff .
İstanbul Elektrostatik Makine, under the IESMAK brand, continues its 15 years of professional experience in Manufacturing, Assembly and Application in a 5000m2 indoor area. The products we produce include Powder Coating Furnaces (Tunnel Type, U Type, Overhead Pallet and Box Type), Coating Cabins (Powder and Wet Paint), Spray washing finishing lines, Submersible bath boilers - Submersible type drying ovens, Wooden-pattern transfer coating plants; Conveyor lines, Powder Coating Guns (Corona and Tribo systems).
IESMAK is rightfully proud of having proven its quality through its references and exporting to four continents the plants it designed and produced with today's technology. Germany,Yugoslavia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Liberia, Azerbaijan, Algeria,Tajikistan, Uzbekistan,Kazakistan are just some of the countries IESMAK exports product to.
IESMAK walks its path with confidence with its principles of "Quality Service and Production" and "Fast solutions and meticulous work" and with the goal of "Healthy Growth" and using today's technology in its projects.

Our values

Customer-oriented, believes in team work, honest and transparent, constantly improving employees, innovative, environment and society sensitive,
creative, dynamic.

Our presence around the world