J. Engelsmann AG

Who we are

The successful development of J. Engelsmann AG is marked by tradition and progress. The company history goes back to the year 1873, when Jean Engelsmann started the production of millstones and mill equipment in Ludwigshafen. We look back on more than 140 successful years. Our engineers design and construct process machines and complete plants for the customers of today and the market of tomorrow. We supply customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic processing and food industry as well as many companies processing bulk goods.
We deliver high-quality products due to the use of high technology in both - development and production. Highly qualified skilled workers and modern fabrication methods ensure precise production and flexible acting. Research, consulting, inspections and maintenance are examples of our comprehensive customer service. The worldwide selling to different customers is guaranteed by a wide range of products, a large network of representations and sales offices as well as our presence in the internet.

Our values

We are a company manufacturing machines and supplying our customers sophisticated high-tech products. It is our constant endeavour to prove that we are a reliable and competent partner.

The continued existence of our company is ensured by

- our experienced staff willing to work in order to be successful in global competition,

- our strong innovative power in order to further consolidate the name of Engelsmann,

- the optimum use of new media in order to become well-known all over the world,

- a profit power commensurate with the objectives to cope with the future successfully.

In order to reach these objectives we endeavour to be one of the most customer-friendly companies. It is our top priority to offer not only machines but also the corresponding service. That's why we try hard to get to know the current and future demands of our customers and to find suitable solutions together. The resulting products and services are developed further for mutual benefit. As we are always willing to help our customers, we also help ourselves to realize our objectives.