Janome Industrial Equipment

Who we are

A leader in the industrial robotics and servo press fields, Janome Industrial Equipment delivers the highest quality industrial devices and services to customers around the world.

Especially popular with clients in the telecommunications, electronics, medical and automotive industries, our originally manufactured industrial robots and servo presses perform precision work dependably with high repeatability and at a low cost. We can provide the right solution whether your facility needs single unit operations, cell production or inline installation.

Use our robot dispensing applications to apply adhesives, sealants, lubricants or even to decorate a birthday cake. Our screw-tightening capabilities range from M6.0 down to M1.0 screws for use in smartphones, HDD assemblies, motor casings, toys and more. Solder leads on a printed circuit board, or cut the board into small, complex shapes using our desktop robot equipped with a router and vacuum system.

Press fit bearings, rings and motor shafts, swage, bend, crimp, perforate and coin with our energy-saving electrically powered servo press. Monitor and record work results with our PC software for optimum performance.

Always developing, always improving, we communicate closely with you, our customers to provide you with the best products for your industrial processes. Please look to Janome Industrial Equipment for your assembly needs.

Our values

1. Janome aims to promote people's creativity and contribute to prosperity all over the world.
2. Janome works to improve society and culture by consistently providing valuable products and services.

Our presence around the world