JBT Corporation

Who we are

John Bean Technologies Corporation (JBT) is a leading global technology solutions provider to high-value segments of the food processing and air transportation industries. We design, manufacture, test and service technologically sophisticated systems and products for our customers.

Our Diversified Liquid Food & Health division offering includes processing, preserving, and packaging which support a large and growing portfolio of food and health end markets in extracting, mixing, blending, pasteurizing, sterilizing, concentrating, high pressure processing, filling, closing, sealing and final packaging.

At JBT we continue to expand the range of process solutions offered through external acquisitions, as well as continued process and product development. Each of our solutions are engineered to provide cost effective and state of the art process technology across the breadth of the markets we serve. Our solutions provide food processors with the tools needed to meet their growing market demands.

Our values

ONE JBT: A single purpose & set of values across the entire organization, underpinned by a strong foundation of keeping our “CUSTOMER FIRST.”

JBT's purpose is to help our customers win in the marketplace by giving them solutions to make better use of the world's precious resources. Sustainability is not only part of JBT’s philosophy, it is something positive for the world and indispensable for the industry as a whole. What we do is reduce waste, increase the recovery of products or by-products and achieve a more efficient industry. We want to achieve this hand-in-hand with our customers.