JBT - John Bean Technologies

Who we are

Patented technologies for every stage of the food processing chain

JBT offers customised solutions to food processors production at every stage of the process including portioning, injection, marination, coating, frying, cooking, freezing, chilling & proofing, inspection, clipping & packaging and high pressure processing ensuring the final product requested. We can provide you with flexible and customised solutions that run like clockwork, deliver maximum uptime, match your toughest hygiene demands and make your processing profitable.

JBT supplies technology solutions for the global food industry, offering integrated solutions across the entire food processing continuum, from meat, seafood and poultry, to fruit and vegetables, baked goods, and convenience foods.

Our range of food processing technologies includes the Schröder™ injection, massaging and brine preparation systems, DSI® portioning systems, Stein® coating and frying equipment, the Double D® range of impingement cookers and searer/grill-markers, Formcook® contact and combi cookers, XVision™ inspection technology, TIPPER TIE´s full range of clipping & packaging offerings, Avures High Pressure processing (HPP) solutions and the world-leading Frigoscandia® freezer systems, which have been leading the way in freezing technology for over 50 years.

All JBT equipment can be provided as stand-alone, or as part of a fully integrated in-line production process. We stand by the reliability and payback of our products and invite you to test our equipment at our Food Technology Centres in Helsingborg in Sweden, and near Edinburgh in the UK. Here, you can simulate production, conduct research, train your technicians, or preview the latest processing equipment with the supervision of a trained technical team.

To find out more, talk to your local JBT representative or email info-europe@jbtc.com

Industries served:

- Meat & Poultry

- Fish & Seafood

- Vegetables / Fruit & Berries

- Bakery

- Ready Meals

- Pet Food

- Food Ingredients: nuts, spices, herbs

- Dairy Products; Cheese

- Adhesives & Sealants: mastics, silicone, epoxy, caulk, glue, construction adhesive

- Commercial Explosives: hot or cold emulsions, water gels, slurries

- Other Industrial Products: absorbents, erosion control, landscape materials, wastewater treatment

Our values

Our Vision
To be the most trusted partner in the global food production equipment industry, by providing best-in-class customer experience and value through the lifecycle of our differentiated technology solutions

Our Mission
Empowered people helping our customers to efficiently produce great food with innovative and sustainable processes

Our presence around the world