J.D. Neuhaus

Who we are

The J.D. Neuhaus Group is the world's leading manufacturer of pneumatic & hydraulic hoists, cranes and system solutions, headquartered in Witten, Germany. Founded in 1745, the family-owned company is managed in the 7th generation by Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé as Managing Director since 1986. With 155 employees at the headquarters in Witten and another 70 distributed among subsidiaries in Baltimore (USA), Aberdeen (UK), Lyon (France) as well as Singapore, J.D. Neuhaus supplies customers from 90 countries and 70 industries.

Our values

With the vision "We help people move loads in a sustainable and digitalized world", J.D. Neuhaus has made it its goal to expand its market leadership with innovative and sustainable lever solutions. The brand promise "Permanent Excellence", which the family-owned company has been claiming for more than 275 years, is underpinned by a clear communication of values.

The three value pairs tradition and innovation, performance and longevity as well as partnership and passion lay the foundation for the daily actions at JDN. They shape the partnership with the people working for JDN as well as with partners and customers. They can be found in the quality and German engineering of the products, in the way JDN works with and finds new solutions thanks to the spirit of innovation. The thinking is characterized by sustainability, which JDN believes the future deserves and needs.