JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd.

Who we are

          Founded in 1996, JINPAT Electronics has been an experienced leader among slip ring companies worldwide. The JINPAT team has committed to manufacturing various industrial slip rings that apply to many fields, including industrial machinery, surveillance and radar systems, automation, artificial intelligence, aircraft, medical devices, marine equipment, and defense, etc. In addition, we provide bot finished products and customizations. JINPAT has been exporting extensively to US, Europe, and Japan, and collaborated with multiple internationally well-reputed companies. All the products have been secured by our Quality Management System, certified by the ISO9001:2008/ISO14001:2015 / IL. 

         Years later, JINPAT has evolved from a small group with a few employees to a corporation the holds hundreds of skilled workers. Senior R&D Team composed of nearly 100 professional engineers show their brilliant talents in a land of 7, 5000 square foot. Proper division of different production lines is fulfilled in our individual facility. Specific production line serves abundant off-the-shelf units so that rapid delivery can be offered to customers. 

Our values

        Seeking perfection and continuous innovation is our pursuit along the way. Holding the principle of customer and quality first, JINPAT improves itself constantly in design and manufacturing. Meanwhile, environmental awareness is attached much importance in the whole process. From material selection to the practical manufacturing, JINPAT is willing to offer more exquisite service with thoughtful technical support.

Our presence around the world