Who we are

Founded in 1994, JWIPC is a Leading AIoT Hardware Solution Provider empowering industrial digitalization with robust hardware infrastructure. Based on intelligent hardware device solutions for the IoT ecosystem, JWIPC comprehensively promotes application scenarios for the AIoT. The company has built up core capabilities such as product definition based on multiple scenarios, product development in multiple forms, flexible manufacturing and supply chain, and digitalized information management system.

JWIPC is dedicated to providing private label and OEM/ODM solutions for IoT application manufacturers worldwide. Over the years, leveraging its extensive industry experience in the industrial and communication sectors, JWIPC has launched a diverse product line including industrial Ethernet switches, enterprise switches, embedded industrial computers, industrial motherboards, and more. Currently, these products have been widely applied in various fields such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, industrial automation, rail transportation, new energy, smart government, and enterprises, among others.

Our values


JWIPC has a diverse talent pool and has established six R&D centers in locations such as Shenzhen, Wuhan, and Nanjing. The company collaborates with industry leaders for strategic product research, with more than 22% of its workforce dedicated to R&D and an average industry experience of over 9 years. With over 600 patented technologies and numerous technological innovation awards, JWIPC significantly contributes to the intelligent development of the industry.

Quality Control

JWIPC has established a rigorous testing process system, testing standards, and quality management systems. Until now we have won the certificates of ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14000 Environmental Management, and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment. The company also implements strict quality control processes, encompassing comprehensive management and monitoring of design, materials selection, testing, and production, to ensure the reliability and stability of each product.


JWIPC boasts a robust supply chain system, enhancing cost advantages through supplier management, material warehouse management, and accelerated production and logistics in smart manufacturing. The company collaborates with suppliers to establish quality management standards and has developed comprehensive risk control plans, ensuring stability in production processes and traceability of materials to mitigate potential risks.

After-Sales Service

JWIPC offers comprehensive, high-quality technical support services, ensuring customers receive prompt and professional assistance with product selection, installation, and usage. The company prioritizes real-world application and user experience, providing efficient and rapid consultation services to quickly identify and effectively resolve customer issues.

ODM/OEM Services

JWIPC has excellent customization capabilities, with extensive experience and design proficiency in product customization for various industry users. Based on specific customer requirements, JWIPC swiftly customizes products or solutions to match the intended application and implementation. Flexible production processes also provide excellent customization quality and delivery time.