KAESER Kompressoren

Who we are

A family-owned company, KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is one of the world's leading manufacturers and providers of compressed air products and services. Established in 1919 as a machine workshop, Kaeser currently has two manufacturing sites in Germany. The company employs approximately 7000 people worldwide.

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN offers the following products and services:

Rotary screw compressors

Reciprocating compressors

Road-going portable compressors

Dental compressors

Compressed air management systems

Vacuum pumps




Compressed air tools and accessories

Consultation and planning

Compressed air demand analyses

Contracting (operator models for compressed air stations)


The company manufactures its products in Coburg (northern Bavaria) and Gera (Thuringia) in Germany. They feature outstanding reliability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and ease of maintenance – all of which help Kaeser to achieve its top priority: maximum customer satisfaction.

Not only our development engineers, but also our service staff and sales engineers are fully committed to this key objective. Our service staff starts planning the spare parts supply process parallel to the product development process. The sales engineers advise customers on the optimal scale and features of the systems and arrive at an ideal solution based on the specific site and production conditions.

Even following system installation, Kaeser believes it is important to maintain close dialogue with the customer. This ongoing exchange supports a continuous improvement process for products and services.

This is an essential factor behind the reliability, cost-effectiveness and quality for which Kaeser products are renowned throughout the world. This approach has not only allowed Kaeser to open up key global markets, but has also enabled the company to create and secure jobs in Germany as well as abroad. Today, Kaeser compressors and equipment are sold through a comprehensive network of branch offices and exclusive partners in over 100 countries.

Our values

Quality has always been the highest priority in our organization. The success of our company is attributable ultimately to the quality of our products and services.

Our initial Quality Management System has gradually been expanded to include the areas of Environment, (Occupational) Safety and Energy Management and is applied to all KAESER KOMPRESSOREN company locations worldwide.

The abbreviation QUSEM stands for QUality, Safety, Environment and Management. In our QUSEM System, we document how we fulfill the requirements of the applicable standards:

ISO 9001:2008 (for Mobilair: including the European Road Traffic Regulations)

ISO 14001:2004

ISO 50001:2011

OHSAS 18001:2007 (OSHAS = Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series)

The following instruments are used:

We employ staff in our individual divisions who have the required education and qualifications and we carry out ongoing training and instruction.

We provide the necessary resources.

Written instructions are available for all questions concerning the standards and we are able to show at any time that our employees work in accordance with such instructions and standards.

Key performance indicators in the different areas are compared with and evaluated against the goals and indicators of previous periods.

Regular audits.

We are dedicated to implementing further improvement by means of CIP measures (CIP =Continuous Improvement Process).

Our QUSEM system comprises the following documents:

A QUSEM Manual providing an overview of the structure of our QUESM documentation and serving as information for customers and colleagues,

QUSEM Procedures describing our process, the

QUSEM Work Instructions describing activities in detail, and

QUSEM Forms for the documentation.

Work Instructions and Forms are referred to in Procedures. Work Instructions and Forms are sorted and numbered according to functional areas.

Our Corporate Policy is the vehicle with which we want to explain our basic principles to our employees and customers. This is evaluated regularly and is amended as necessary to suit changing conditions.