Who we are

Founded in Linz in 1968, KEBA today is an internationally active company that creates its success from technological innovations, the highest quality requirements, and the dynamism and enthusiasm of its employees.
KEBA works on new developments and industry solutions with the objective of creating sustainable competitive advantages for its customers.

The headquarters are in Linz, Austria. KEBA AG is represented by subsidiaries around the world. Part of the KEBA group are also the German company KEMAS, the Dutch company DELEM and the Chinese joint venture CBPM-KEBA.

Our values

Along with technical expertise there is also a need for a large share of passion and curiosity to question things and to contribute boldly and decisively. Creativity and enthusiasm develop almost from within.
In order for our employees to create an atmosphere of openness to new things, the rights structures are needed.

On the other hand, the only way to create a trusting environment by actively living the corporate values that bring out the potential of every individual.
Our cooperation is therefore characterized by an intense and lively environment, and by the appreciation and professionalism of every individual.