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King Pigeon leading the way in Cellular M2M RTU, Cellular IoT Gateway, LoRa Gateway, 4G Industrial VPN Router ,Ethernet Switch Industrial Remote IO Modules manufacturing and IoT Cloud Platform development, Provides One Stop Complete IoT Solutions.​ 
King Pigeon is a premier provider of reliable, full-featured and competitively priced serial, I/O, Ethernet connectivity solutions. Businesses around the globe have come to trust King Pigeon to deliver superior connectivity technology for their mission critical applications.

King Pigeon's products include:  Cellular M2M RTU, Cellular IoT Gateway, LoRa Gateway, 4G Industrial VPN Router ,Ethernet Switch Industrial Remote IO Modules manufacturing and IoT Cloud Platform development and  that are ideal for organizations that need to: establish network connectivity across multiple locations; securely transmit critical and sensitive information; remotely monitor and control networked devices and appliances, and more.

Putting Customers First
Known for putting its customers first, the company combines the strength of its extensive networking history with a dynamic and agile approach to responding to customer needs. Having grown through extensive R&D investment and acquisition, King Pigeon continues to evolve its products to meet the ever-changing needs of the diverse industries it serves.

Among King Pigeon's clients are many of the world's most recognizable names, including Panasonic ,China Unicom,China Telecom, Fujitsu, Tesla, and many global Telecom providers including Orange ,Camtel,etc.

King Pigeon Communication Co.,Ltd. found in 2005. Specialized in Cellular M2M RTU, Cellular IoT Gateway, LoRa Gateway, Industrial Remote IO Modules manufacturing and IoT Cloud Platform development, Provides One Step Complete IoT Solutions. Since its inception, King Pigeon has been dedicated to the improvement of IoT solution technology and the development of new and innovative IoT solutions to address the increasingly rigorous demands placed on worldwide. 

At present, most of our managers are technical and marketing experts, including 60 software and hardware engineers, most of them are major in IoT devices or many years experienced in IoT cloud platform designing. Meanwhile, we cooperate with many high technology partners and Institutes, as well as many professional Universities all the time. 

In order to provide high Quality products and services, we employ Total Quality Management (TQM) system, ensuring all products delivered are 100% qualified. Materials and finished goods are inspected in strict compliance with Standards. 

We carry out a multi-stage quality management system: Incoming Quality Control (IQC); In-process Quality Control (IPQC); Outgoing Quality Control (OQC); After-sales support for our customers.
In management, we employ Integrated Supply Chain management (ISC), Approved Vendor List management (AVL), Design for Manufacture concept, Statistical Process Control (SPC), etc.
So far, more than 220 IoT Devices are available, sold more than 1,000,000 IoT Devices to 200 countries and regions, and the growing trend still keeps at high speed. We confident that with our R&D, quality and service, we can supply more and more industrial IoT solutions to satisfy our customers.
All of our products are with high performances and attractive features. We welcome OEM/ODM partners and guarantee to offer the high quality products as well as competitive prices. We'll try our best to cooperate with all partners from all over the world.

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Provide one stop IOT solutions.

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