KIRA Leuchten GmbH

Who we are

KIRA Leuchten GmbH - Quality made in Germany

Our company was founded in 1949. In the international industry, we are renowned as a reliable player owing to proven products and sustainable record.
Backed with vast experience, we are capable to provide our clients with customized solutions and cutting edge quality

The realization of individual customer needs within our product portfolio is our motivation. We are specialized in the niche of technical lamps for safety-low-voltage and explosion-proof applications.

Furthermore, our product range is covering various fluorescent hand lamps, built-in and surface-mounted lamps, LED lamps, lamps with magnetic adhesion and many customized lamps made to customer´s specification.

Since November 2002 we are DIN EN ISO 9001 and explosion-proof standard RL 94/9 EG certified

Self-ballasted lamps made by KIRA
In 2011 we have acquired our long-time supplier, company “Peter Geist Elektronik” located in Constance. Hence we have integrated development and production of ballasts in our value chain. The stringent target has always been the development of electronic devices for various illumination applications. Meanwhile, we pride
ourselves with decades of experience which fosters the quality of our lamps. Customized self-ballasted lamps can easily be realized upon request.

We cover the entire product range...
….starting with component sourcing, followed by insertion and soldering and finally quality assurance. Upon request, we perform the assembly, partly or complete. Complementary to development, production and marketing of our standard product portfolio, we are manufacturing customized products according to your specification.

Our values

For over 65 years the name KIRA guarantees reliable quality of all lamps manufactured in our own production. Fast availability, implementation of specific customer requirements, short response times and service times are further quality characteristics which are firmly anchored in the KIRA corporate philosophy. We know that lasting success can only be guaranteed through constant development, high quality standards and customer proximity.

Our presence around the world