Kizui Packaging Machinery Co. Ltd.

Who we are

Helping Businesses to Grow and Scale

The name KIZUI represents what inspires us and ignites our passion: The KIRIN -- derives from ancient Chinese mythology and is revered as a harbinger of luck. The story says that when Confucius was born in 6 B.C., the KIRIN appeared before his mother (KI), and the importance of serving lively with attractive products bringing success and prosperous to our clients (ZUI).

Through deep-rooted relationships with our partners and clients, we are able to share our knowledge and innovate beyond developing new products but finding new ways to improve on what is already there.

At KIZUI we approach our projects a little differently. It’s important to us that we celebrate our clients' diverse and fascinating cultures by embracing local customs and requirements in everything we do, blending regional stories with impeccable wellness offerings.

Always authentic and always unique.

Our values

Show Integrity
We ensure honesty is at the core of all our interaction with clients and team members.

Communicate Openly
We are responsible for creating an environment of transparent and open communication.

Strive to Improve
We strive to continuously improve our performance, on both an individual and company level.

Actively Support
Lateral service is the cornerstone of our values.

Demonstrate Passion
We posses outstanding knowledge of our products and services.

Celebrate Diversity
We are fortunate to work with and for people from all over the world.

Our presence around the world