Koti Industrial and Technical Brushes

Who we are

KOTI Industrial and Technical Brushes BV is family-owned company and has grown to include 14 established companies worldwide. Being a family-owned company allows us to be more committed to customer service and gives us access to a wealth of knowledge in brush technology. The KOTI Group objective is to add value to their customer processes. The enormous quality and quantity of specialized knowledge allows the KOTI Group to provide the best possible support to its customers.

KOTI knows by experience that each market has its specific needs and applications. We offer a total range of brushes for all applications. From our standard range of brushes to our customized brushes, we will ensure that you get the right brush for your objective.

Our values

KOTI develops brushes for all markets. Our many years of experience have been acquired by executing projects for over 1 million brush types. Our objective is to ensure that our brushes provide additional value to our customers. With our experience we know almost all the markets with their specific needs. So we are able to support you in the most professional way.