Laboratorio Elettrofisico

Who we are

Laboratorio Elettrofisico is a global company specializing in engineering, designing, and manufacture of the world’s most precise magnetizing systems and magnetic measuring equipment, integrated with custom automation. Founded in 1959, the company is headquartered in the Nerviano area of Milan, Italy. In addition to design and manufacturing operations in Italy, LE has laboratories, testing facilities, support staff, and services centers in the United States and China.

We design customized magnetizing systems, mainly for post assembly or in-situ magnets, paying particular attention to ergonomics and to the interface with the client’s system, working to a high level of safety (PLe) and testing every mechanical part of each control (assembly, electrical, GRR repeatability). The entire process is checked by a closed loop of the influential parameters. Our magnetizing station can be used as a single station or integrated into completely automatic lines. The machine communication provided through Profinet and the integration in MES systems is total.

We currently serve more than more 2,000 clients around the world. Laboratorio Elettrofisico’s magnetizing and magnetic measurements systems are trusted by the world’s leading companies in industries ranging from automotive and consumer electronics to medical equipment and renewable energy. Our products provide industry-leading solutions for every magnetic technology application.

In 2019 Laboratorio Elettrofisico is celebrating its 60th anniversary. Our growing number of employees worldwide includes more than 40 engineers who are experts in magnetic analysis, design and engineering, magnetic measurement, automation and programming, testing and support.

Our values

Our mission is to provide the highest quality, advanced technology, and reliable products in the magnetic industry. Hi-tech solutions are supported by close collaboration with leading companies within the magnetic industry. Whatever is the Customer location, we design, supply, install and test any magnetic equipment. Our R&D Team is continuosly engaged to study and test new solutions and approaches.

Over the years, our constant commitment to research and development has been enriched by our unique experience in the design, implementation, and application of magnetic solutions that are efficient and effective. The result is a complete range of equipment and magnetizing systems that are widely used around the world today.