Who we are

LABORTECH - we are a Czech company that has contributed to the European and global market for two decades through the production of testing machines, equipment and automatic testing machines. Thanks to our own innovative product development and our comprehensive portfolio of products including testing machines, impact machines, hardness testers, automatic testing machines, and special test equipment etc. we provide our customers with comprehensive services from A to Z in connection with the above-standard service of our application engineers, both in the field of research and development and the provision of 100 % quality control, in more than 15 industrial sectors, and all according to the standards of EN ISO 9001: 2016. Our objective is to continue to provide our customers with modern technical and technological solutions supported by all necessary services in the field of testing.

23 years of experience, development and hard work...

Our values

LABORTECH has its place on the market

The dynamic and innovative development of the company LABORTECH, including our extensive portfolio of testing machines manufactured by us in last 23 years enabled us to penetrate in all fields of research and development, by which we contributed significantly to the quality assurance in more than 20 industries, like engineering, nuclear energetics, building industry, aerospace, automotive etc.

Reliability guaranteed

Our success is based on quality standards compliance of all our products. Our machines determine the production quality of our customers, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to deliver a machine 100% functional, accurate and reliable and that is exactly what we do as a matter of course. All our machines comply with strict safety and metrological rules. Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2016 and ISO 14001:2016 are standards for the company LABORTECH, which allows to operate a highly efficient management system in accordance with internationalstandards so absolute reliability and quality of our internal processes and procedures are ensured

100% output control

Immediately following the manufacturing process, every single machine from our production is 100% checked for its functionality and metrological settings in our accredited testing and calibration centre, which is equipped with the latest testing devices and calibration etalons of 3 rd level of standard. Each inspected machine is then fitted with appropriate labels. The complete documentation is archived and available for our next customers

Custom solutions – uniqueness to the last detail

The development department of LABORTECH are experts in analysis of technical requirements for manufacturing of unique special testing machines and equipment. Our specialists are able to understand the issue of the particular customer and then individually design and manufacture a machine of high degree of quality and uniqueness. The more is the application unusual, the more it also inspires us to find a new solution.

Continuous development, improvement and steady progress

In case of technically advanced products, the optimization often begins with details. LABORTECH team of professionals with their high degree of identification with the corporate vision and their personal commitment ensures continuous improvement and expansion of our product portfolio. During the development of our new products, we place great emphasis not only on quality, design and affordability, but also minimal environmental burden and ECODESIGN. Accuracy, reliability, durability and mechanical strength of our machines are then verified in our new testing and calibration centre

Transparent project management

The highly skilled team of engineers and technicians working in our company have successfully developed, delivered and applied hundreds of standard and special solutions so far. The period of time from the first design to delivery usually takes several weeks to months, depending on the complexity of the project. Currently, the management of all projects, including production, is secured by an in-house system K2, which, among other things, allows all of our customers to inform themselves about the current state of the presently manufactured product at any time.

Special applications require specialist know-how

Decades of experience in the field of mechanical materials testing enable our company experts to solve even the most challenging tasks in testing machines design and manufacturing accurately and quickly. The company LABORTECH uses the knowhow of our experts in creating 3D models of machines, electrical projects, customer software development and, ultimately, its own precision CNC machining in our machining centre.

Fast reaction on customer demands

LABORTECH offers its customers comprehensive service support based on their requirements, whether it be for advice, installation, service works or service offerings. To fulfil these tasks, we have a complete team focused on working with customers to quickly, efficiently and comprehensively address all customer requirements with a possibility of presentation of the entire portfolio of our testing machines and equipment in our new showroom.

Our service for your effectiveness and contentment

Fast availability of standard products and components is based on our rich reserves. Our competent, professional and highly professional team of service and application engineers provides our customers with smooth and high manufacturing productivity. Thanks to LABWEBservis 24, we are able to perform not only diagnostics but also online service intervention that saves our clients´ time and money.