LANG Technik

Who we are

LANG - the expert in 5-face machining and manufacturing optimization

Our name stands for Swabian ingenuity, innovation and decisive solutions in the field of clamping, optimization of set-up time and automation.

Customers across the entire world trust our vast experience in metal cutting and manufacturing.

A perfect, combined package of workholding, zero-point clamping and automation, along with our unrivaled stamping technology provides you with the necessary requirements to stay efficient and competitive.

We develop products using our practical experience to ideally maximize the manufacturing processes and optimize manufacturing capacities. Trendsetting technologies and ideas noticeably influence your manufacturing processes of today and prepare you for the projects of tomorrow.

Our values

LANG - simple. gripping. future

SIMPLE - We define simple as simplifying your everyday work.

Whether you are investing, controlling production or re-equipping machines, with LANG Technik your work will consistently become a great deal easier. All of our products are safe and easy to use. Being modular, they build onto each other, complement each other perfectly and are seamlessly combinable with machinery and components from other manufacturers. We keep our eye on the big picture in order to sustainably optimise your processes, paying particular attention to the fact that with our solutions you remain free to adapt to your changing requirements, products and future process developments. A great example is our modular Quick•Point® zero-point clamping system. It can be equipped to almost any machine tool and with only 27 mm height it is one of the lowest systems on the market.

GRIPPING - We define gripping as handling things differently.

One who wants to revolutionise technologies must not cling to the “old familiar” but should seek out new ventures. For a long time, clamping technology was just about how you can hold a workpiece more firmly. With the experience of our own production practices, we’ve approached the topic differently. We’ve asked ourselves how we can increase the quality of the milled part while reducing unit costs. The answer does not lie in traditional clamping because higher pressure leads to more wear, more deformation and more material usage; therefore, we have searched for ways to absolutely and securely clamp the workpiece with less pressure. The result is our patented form-closure technology. The workpiece is pre-stamped prior to the machining process. It uses form-closure to precisely align with the clamping system. This unique principle ensures maximum holding forces at minimal clamping pressures. The pre-stamping process takes less than 5 seconds and offers a lot of other convincing advantages.

FUTURE - We define future as giving you a head start, every day.

As a family company we do not think in quarters, but in generations. We want to contribute our expertise so that our customers can exist in future markets through high quality and low costs. At LANG Technik, we started very early in automating equipment and clamping devices. This is the key to longer machine running times, more efficient production and higher competitiveness. Today we offer a variety of flexible automation systems that can be easily integrated into your existing production environment – regardless of whether you are already manufacturing fully automated or you are only at the beginning stages of this development. Our solutions can be equipped to almost any machine tool. They are extremely compact, flexible and operating them does not require a lot of training. The immediate increase to your profitability combined with comparatively lower costs ensures a very fast return on investment.

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