LAR Process Analysers

Who we are

LAR's philosophy

With its high quality products for online measurements and their accuracy, LAR Process Analysers AG decisively contributes to the improvement of the environment. At the same time, the industry concerned also profits from LAR's provision of accurate data for process water applications. Hence, our innovative and precise measurement technique ensures the balance between environmental protection and industry. In order to do this a fair and constructive cooperation with our customers and our partners is an important maxim for any of LAR's activity.

LAR Process Analysers AG was established in 1986 and has always been a customer-oriented company. Its main business scopes are the development, manufacture and distribution of state-of-the-art products for water analysis, based on a constant dialogue with users.

LAR Process Analysers AG has a quality management system certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, continuously making adjustments to meet the current quality requirements to the latest standards.

Our values

Customers and Business Partners

Our activities orientate to the needs of our customers and partners. The development of our products - regarding applications, measuring ranges, combinations of different parameters – are aimed to meet our customers' specific requirements and we are aware that the realisation of their objectives is of key importance to our success. To guarantee our clients' highest satisfaction, particular attention is also paid to our After Sales service. Hence, our customers are optimally supported when using our products.


LAR-products, developed and manufactured in Germany, are basing on the excellent know-how in the company's key areas of competence – concentrating on the composite parameters such as TOC, TC, TOD, COD, BOD, TNb, toxicity and others. Thus, we provide our customers with optimal solutions for their applications.

Research and Developement

The efficiency and competitiveness of our R & D department is essential with regards to our main scope of business being able to fulfil the huge variety of customers' needs. For this, our technical know-how is fundamental.


Of course, for business success of LAR our employees are an essential factor. Therefore, we encourage their engagement and continuously support their further qualification. This we guarantee by creating optimal working conditions based on a distinctively developed information policy.

International Profile

LAR Process Analysers AG plans and acts internationally. The essential element of our international activities is the successful cooperation with over 50 qualified distributors throughout the world. To guarantee this, we invest for example, in subsidiaries to ensure the high quality support of our partners and an optimal service for our customers abroad.


LAR Process Analysers AG respects the importance of high quality and return-oriented work. Contributions come before turnover. The entrepreneurial behaviour of all employees increases the company's value and ensures our sustainable independence.