Who we are

Nearly two decades of success in the marketplace: LED luminaires by LED2WORK for workplaces and for machines and systems in a lot of different branches

As a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for industry, LED2WORK GmbH quickly occupied a niche for itself in the market, establishing itself as a provider of high quality and reliable "Made in Germany" luminaires.
Awards like the "FOCUS Growth Champion" and "FT1000 Europe's Fastest Growing Companies 2017" are a testament to the performance and reliability. Today, it is manufactured over 70,000 LED industrial luminaires annually in a 2,000 square metre facility for use in the automotive sector, electrical engineering, plant and mechanical engineering, as well as many other branches of industry. Customers around the world rely on LED lighting solutions from LED2WORK.
With continuously developings, the company meets the growing demands of the market and stands like hardly any other for guarantee consistent and reliable quality at the highest level.
By the way since almost three years, you can order the luminaires and lighting accessories in a own webshop with shipping worldwide as well.

Our values

LED2WORK – Light up your workplace with Intelligence in Light
LED2WORK provides high-quality LED technology for professional use. Lighting solutions are provided for industrial machinery, workplaces, and laboratories or for those who do demanding close work with small parts such as watchmakers and jewelers.
LED2WORK lamps have long been a desirable piece of equipment to have when quality and cost-effectiveness are important factors.
To meet the special requirements and high-quality demands in the commercial sector, LED2WORK develops and produces its lighting. Beginning with thermal management of the main body, via the IP protection class and through to the integrated electronics: every single step in the process is carried out at LED2WORK‘s facility in Germany. This guarantees the highest level of consistent and reliable quality.
In addition to the company’s standard DIN EN ISO certifications (9001, 14001), LED2WORK products are also listed in the equipment specifications of well-known car manufacturers, industrial firms, and suppliers. Export certifications, such as ETL (UL and CSA standards) and CCC, are now standard for some products and are being prepared for others.
Special materials for special conditions withstand tough environmental conditions such as heat, oil, impacts from chippings, or exposure to coolants, LED2WORK has developed specially adapted lamps. Depending on requirements, the lamp bodies are fitted with single-pane safety glass – a surface that is exceptionally resistant to chemicals and temperature. High-quality seals made using Viton® material ensure that our industrial lamps are protected against oil ingress.
For the food and beverage sector lamps are made with shatter-resistant polycarbonate and PMMA covers and are constructed using FDA-recommended materials, e.g. V4A (stainless steel) casings. Adhesives and seals are resistant to acids and lye.
Whatever the field of application, you will find LED2WORK products to provide the right solution for your needs.

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