Who we are

The Original Push-Pull Connector

LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection and cable solutions. LEMO's high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video and telecommunications.

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for seven decades. Offering more than 75,000 combinations of product that continue to grow through custom specific designs, LEMO and its affiliated sister companies REDEL, NORTHWIRE and COELVER currently serve more than 100,000 customers in over 80 countries around the world.

Our values

• Uncompromising commitment to excellence, innovation and quality in all our actions.
• Value and encourage each employee to promote responsibility, in a true climate of respect, trust and openness.
• Promote multi-sectoral cooperation buoyed by each and everyone's enthusiasm and professionalism.
• Anticipate our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.
• Build customer loyalty so that they become ambassadors for the group

All LEMO sales subsidiaries and production plants are integrated in a unique global quality management system. This continuously improving system guarantees a level of service and quality that meets the highest customer requirements.

LEMO products are designed and manufactured according to rigorous and controlled processes. Inspection and traceability of products are systematically ensured in compliance with our standards.

Permanent training programmes ensure that every LEMO employee achieved the necessary know-how to perform a good job and to assimilate new working methods.

Production equipments include automatic control devices and error proofing systems enabling zero defect.

Our presence around the world