Lichtgitter GmbH

Who we are

Lichtgitter was founded in 1929 as a company specialising in the production of gratings. The company is now run by the family in 3rd generation and is still 100% owned by the founding family Martin.

Continuous performance and quality development as well as innovative manufacturing techniques, combined with prudent and market-driven corporate orientation have made Lichtgitter a leading manufacturer of pressure-locked gratings, forge-welded gratings and perforated metal planks with subsidiaries and joint ventures throughout the world.

Today's portfolio also includes GRP gratings, chequer plate blanks, spiral staircases, stair treads, ladder rungs, galvanising as well as steel service. For all these products, we also offer a comprehensive service package.

Our values

- Manufacturer since 1929
- Subsidiaries and partners all over the world
- Full range of industrial floor coverings
- All products are "Made in Germany"
- Competence in solving problems
- Successful completion of large projects
- Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015