Who we are

LIGHT PROGRESS has been founded in 1987, it all started from a simple intuition. Like many business realities, it began with two friends studying possible alternative solutions for environmental microbial contamination reduction, without the use of chemical means. The idea was to use Ultraviolet Rays, UV-C wavelength, known for their germicidal properties.

At that time UV-C was a poorly developed technology, but it seemed to be an effective and efficient solution and for this reason at Light Progress UV rays were explored, analyzed and tested.

The results were immediately striking, and, from the pioneering research, founders began a real production of ultraviolet germicidal for air treatment.

In the early 90s LIGHT PROGRESS portfolio included just a dozen of different devices, but company’s attitude was extremely oriented to research and design of new solutions, and applications of UV-C arise over the years.

LIGHT PROGRESS also diversified in CLIMA PROGRESS ( to meet the growing demands of accessories and systems related to ventilation in Livestock / Zootechnical sector. However, both compartments, UV-C and Livestock, have always their mission in research for solutions that improve the quality of health, comfort, environments and products, in every area.

In 30 years we have succeeded in thousands applications from all around the world, offering standard products from our catalogs but also designing custom solutions for specific customers’ needs.

Our values

We collaborate with large companies, leaders of food industry, with hospitals, universities and research institutes, but also with contractors in building and infrastructure field, transforming Ultraviolet Germicidal Technology in real and practical solutions.

In many cases the traditional microbial decontamination methods must be integrated to be really effective. The versatility and efficiency of LIGHT PROGRESS systems, together with our extensive know-how, are the starting point to apply this technology within your activities.

LIGHT PROGRESS, Italian creativity in UV-C.