Who we are

The unique Litilit-developed ultrafast laser technology is based on a patented laser pulse generator, which enables us to achieve telecom-standard reliability, manufacturing scalability, and a competitive price. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our lasers requiring no maintenance and being robust to external disturbances.

The Litilit approach will position us as a leader in the next generation of ultra-short pulse lasers. We are a team that seeks to accelerate change in the industry by creating well-designed, affordable, femtosecond lasers driven by reliability, cutting-edge technology, and accessibility to each of our clients who chose us for our passion when it comes to the development of ultrafast laser technology.

Our newly developed femtosecond fiber laser and self-starting laser technologies have repeatedly proven themselves to be extremely flexible and reliable in a wide variety of industries. Our lasers have also received acclaim for the clean pulses they emit. This allows us to adapt to the ever-shifting parameters in what is already a rapidly changing market.

The Litilit team has extensive experience in inventing, developing, and producing ultra-short pulse lasers, as well as in many other supporting technologies such as micro-optical components and laser welding. Our in-house talent and capabilities allow us to offer unique engineering solutions whilst giving our clients the best possible value.

Our values

Innovation: Developing patented and cutting-edge ultrafast laser technology.

Reliability: Offering telecom-standard reliability and lasers that require no maintenance and are robust to external disturbances.

Scalability: Ensuring manufacturing scalability to meet various production needs.

Affordability: Providing technology at a competitive price and striving to offer the best possible value.

Customer-Centric: Prioritizing accessibility and offering tailored solutions to clients. Valuing each client who chooses the company.

Passion: Demonstrating fervor in the development of ultrafast laser technology, and having a team that seeks to accelerate change in the industry.

Flexibility: Proven flexibility of newly developed laser technologies across various industries.

Quality: Ensuring that the lasers emit clean pulses, which suggests a commitment to high-quality outputs.

Adaptability: The capacity to adapt to changing market parameters and needs.

Experience: Having a team with extensive experience in inventing, developing, and producing ultra short pulse lasers and supporting technologies.

In-House Expertise: Managing capabilities and talent in-house, for unique engineering solutions.

Supporting Technologies: Developing and dealing with supporting technologies such as micro-optical components and laser welding, implying a holistic approach to providing solutions in the laser technology field.