LoeschPack - Verpackungstechnik

Who we are

Packaging machines "made in Germany"

Loesch Verpackungstechnik GmbH is a leading international business devoted to the development and manufacture of packaging machines and complete system solutions for chocolate, chewing gum, biscuit, food and nonfood. Our excellence goes back a long way: since 1919, we’ve been a byword for innovative, flexible and economical solutions for packaging machines and packaging systems. We offer comprehensive solutions over the entire life cycle of your system – from the initial idea and engineering, to construction and commissioning, all the way to training and spare parts. As a quality and innovation leader, we meet your requirements with innovative solutions. Fold wrapping machines and horizontal flow wrapping machines, tray loading systems, buffering and feeding systems and cartoning machines demand specialist knowledge. We take inspiration from our principle of “> Packaging your ideas...” and create benefits and added value for our customers.

Our values

Sustainability: Carbon neutral packaging

Sustainability occupies a key position across the Piepenbrock Group – naturally also at LoeschPack. The company underscores its commitment to the environment by using carbon-neutral packaging, positioning itself as a machinery engineering enterprise that champions sustainability. For some years, LoeschPack has enjoyed a first-mover advantage by offering carbon-neutral packaging machines. The company offsets emissions released during the value creation process through climate protection projects. This has been confirmed by official certification. In addition, the Piepenbrock Group has to date planted more than 42,000 trees in the company’s own woodlands in Rheinshagen, thereby guaranteeing carbon-neutral operation of the packaging machines at customers’ production facilities. In research and development, LoeschPack focuses on the systematic reduction of energy consumption and technical optimisation of packaging machinery for the use of bio-degradable films. The sustainability report published by the Piepenbrock Group provides detailed information on the topic of sustainability management at LoeschPack.