Who we are

MACKMA is the Business Unit of MASSARO GROUP dedicated to engineering. with experience company of over 30 years in the field of civil and industrial buildings, today, with the MASSARO GROUP MACKMA develops the production of innovative industrial machinery.
A team of engineers and technicians specialized in technological innovation, together with a careful selection of Italian manufacturers offer high-profile products "turnkey" to the market.
MACKMA covers the entire production chain: design, construction, commissioning and assistance post-sale to ensure customers the highest quality at every stage of the process.
In MACKMA there are all attributes of the Made in Italy: professionalism, technology, design, safety, energy saving, environmental sustainability to successfully address the needs of all markets.

Our values

Innovation, for MAMMA is first of all an absolute value. The road map for meeting the challenges of the future is to focus on a culture of innovation to 360 degrees. Not only, therefore, research and development of new products, but, more importantly, create a new vision and innovative of the metal forming solutions to affordable. MACKMA aims to find the right balance of experience, creativity and technology. in conviction that only by the synergy between all sectors can be born a really Enterprise model innovative, able to create added value and improve the ability to compete over time.
MACKMA creates innovative models, using cutting-edge materials, develops components and systems with a high added value, inventing technologies to work around the user's size and to its needs daily.

The MACKMA is an international company is the benchmark for the design, functionality and efficiency, but he wants to continue to be, first of all, a source of ideas.
The Technical Department of MACKMA began its activity from the creation of the company as a reference point for innovation and research and development. Its mission is to use innovation as a strategic lever MACKMA in the business and the utilization of the results of its activities through the promotion, development and transfer of innovative content able to give distinctiveness and competitiveness of the product.

Mackma offers its customers solutions for bending metal by providing them:

- Bending machine without mandrel,
- Bender with mandrel,
- Benders;
- Plasma Cutting;
- Hydraulic Presses;
- Machines tailored for metal forming;