Mekoprint A/S

Who we are

Mekoprint is a 100% make-to-order high-tech company, focused on innovative partnership collaborations with international electronics and industrial companies.

We have over 500 specialists who constantly seek out new opportunities to address our customers’ challenges from idea to design and continuous improvement. Innovative thinking with a minimal use of resources and environmental impact is part of our DNA, but it only happens in close and trust-based partnerships.
Therefore, both internally and externally, our motto is: We create together!

Our particular strength is the breadth of our skills. We are deeply specialised in more than 30 technologies, divided across 8 factories and a number of manufacturing partners in 4 main areas:

Graphic and printed electronics
– including, amongst other things, front foils, keyboards, touch foils and sensors

Cable harnessing
– wiring harnesses and cabling solutions from 0.08 mm2 to 300 mm2

Micro metal and plastic components
– including battery contacts for shielding and moving parts in metal and plastic

Metal solutions
– cabinets, panels and critical device components in aluminium, black and stainless steel

Our values

Mekoprint’s founder, Erland Kold, took the first step in a new direction when he founded the company that today is Mekoprint. He was convinced that treading in the footsteps of others would never lead to new horizons. Curiosity is the driving force at Mekoprint. Curiosity to find new ways of doing things, find new customers, new markets, new relationships and new horizons.

The fact that Mekoprint has gone from being one among many manufacturers of metal print blocks in the 1950s, to having a unique position as a globally competitive supplier of such varied products as solar cells and EMI shielding is not a coincidence. It happened through great courage. The courage to travel paths which no one had travelled before. Courage to look ahead. To take the next step. Courage to do what no one else dared.

Based on an explicit desire not to design and produce our own products, Mekoprint gets involved in the design and optimisation of our customers’ products with passion. Dedication and understanding of the customer’s specific needs is our hallmark.

Competition keeps Mekoprint on our toes and challenges the company to perform to the best of its ability. We want customers who demand high quality, a high degree of automation and the use of the latest production technology. Having the wind at their back never made anyone strong.