Who we are

MEREFSA, founded in 1967, was created thanks to the enthusiasm and the enterprising spirit of Mr. And Mrs. Senart. Since then till 2015, our facilities were located in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Nowadays our warehouse is in Sant Boi de Llobregat

Today, after many years in the sector, MEREFSA has become a pioneering company in the manufacturing and marketing of silicone, PTFE and derivatives.

In MEREFSA we carry out different rubber processes: mixing (section for the preparation of raw materials), silicone extrusion (section for the manufacture of profiles, silicone cords and tubes), vulcanising and compression moulding (section for the manufacture of all type of finished parts, inflatable seals, sheets, gaskets, vulcanised seals, etc.), die and hand cutting.

As far as PTFE manufacturing processes, in MEREFSA we mould by compression (rods, tubes, films and sheets) , heat-shrink FEP and PFA linings, powder and liquid spray painting (section of non adhesive and anticorrosive linings) and machining of all type of highly specialized technical plastics.

In addition, MEREFSA commercializes PTFE coated fabrics (from which we make tapes, bands, mesh belts, zone-tapes, slit rolls cut to measure for welding applications and die-cut cooking/baking sheets), encapsulated o-rings in silicone and FKM with FEP and PFA, thin wall PTFE, FEP and PFA tubing, convoluted tubes in PTFE, FEP and PFA and expanded PTFE sheets and profiles.

Our values

Quality and environment policy

The declaration of Quality and Environment Policy of MEREFSA, S.L.U. includes as mission, to be a pioneer company in the design and manufacturing of silicone, PTFE and commercialization of its derivates, and as VISION, to be leaders in the sector, with a wide variety and technical competence demonstrated in different industrial sectors and specialists in the extrusion, molding, cutting and calendaring, processes of silicone, design of the tools, molds and machining of PTFE.

Cristian Guasch, as General Manager and main responsible of the Quality and Environment of the activities of MEREFSA, S.L.U. declare the values of the company and the planned actions as the main pillars of our general Policy. It aims to offer to all our Clients the excellence in the manufactured products and commercialized and in the personalized offered attention, guaranteed by an integrated and efficient management system of quality and environment.


To lead the Company encouraging individual initiative and creativity to achieve our commitments.

To promote the training and information of the human team, involving them in the maintenance and improvement of the Integrated Management System and to achieve a true culture of Quality and respect for the environment.

Involve our main suppliers in the company's projects aimed at continuous improvement and environmental protection, while providing opportunities for new collaborators to comply with our strategic objectives.

To continuously review and improve our Integrated Management System, ensuring compliance with the annual objectives.

Protect the environment by integrating pollution prevention, reducing the environmental impact from the design process and subsequent manufacturing, optimizing the use of natural resources and minimizing environmental aspects.

Comply with applicable legal requirements.


In the sales and commercial area, to carry out and promote the necessary commercial actions to meet the expectations, requirements and apply key commercial and strategic decisions to achieve this commitment with the Customers.

In the production and design departments, innovate in the processes of extrusion, molding, cutting and calendaring, processes of silicone, tooling design, molds and machining of PTFE, to achieve the sale of our products to different sectors and a high penetration in the international market.

In the area of quality and environment, to carry out the necessary works and investments to ensure the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14.001:2015, in the new manufacturing plant in Sant Boi de Llobregat.

Finally, this Policy is documented, implemented, maintained and communicated to all people working in MEREFSA, S.L.U. or on behalf of it. It is available to all interested parties.

Sant Boi de Llobregat, October 15th, 2022

Cristian Guasch, General Manager