Miki Pulley Europe AG

Who we are

Miki Pulley is a traditional Japanese family owned company in the 3rd generation. It has been founded in 1939 and has made his big growth with power transmission products. With the market launch of a speed change belt drive in the early 50s the success story has been started. Nowadays Miki Pulley is known as a market leader in the field of spring actuated saftey brakes and flexible shaft couplings.

Since the 3rd generation took over the lead the signs within the company are set on expand! Several new branches in overseas have been established. Miki Pulley Europe AG in Switzerland has been the newest one which is responsible for the success all over Europe.

Our values

The values or how Miki Pulley is calling it, the business credo is: Kindness and Politeness.

As a Japanese traditional company the connection and personal relationship to our customers is our highest intention. We grow with our partners and due to collaborations we are able to grow our portfolio to be a solution provider in the field of power transmission.

Our presence around the world