Who we are

Founded in 1955 and after 60 years in the business, today Millutensil is a worldwide leader in the production of die & mould spottingpresses/die-splitters and machinery for sheet metal working. Millutensil deals with the most important names across a variety of sectors, striving for excellence and advanced technology through innovative and groundbreaking solutions.

Blue Line offers a wide range of high-precision die & mould spotting presses/die-splitters to facilitate safe adjusting, checking and maintenance operations.
Green Line provides state of the art machinery for sheet metal working, which guarantees an efficient production process. Particular focus is placed on automation.
Finally, Yellow Line provides conveyor belts for several industrial sectors as they increasingly automate their production lines. Millutensil is a dynamic reality prompting innovative and leading solutions. Our main objective is not merely as suppliers, but to be real partners with our customers, always providing valid advice and reliable assistance.

Our values


Emphasis on substainable technology, energy efficiency and safety at work are the goals of Millutensil technology.