M.M. srl

Who we are

Since its inception in 1977, M.M. has been operating in the glass fibre reinforced polymes (FRP) industry, producing high quality gratings and structures (handrail systems, walkways, stairways, ladders, fences, gates, etc.). The intrinsic properties of FRP allow to create light, resistant and easy to install structures that do not require maintenance and are characterized by great versatility of use.

The company offers customized solutions and additional services such as technical design, structural calculation for composite materials, chemical and mechanical resistance tests, any type of cut to size, shaping and finishing.

Every phase of the company process, from design to production, from the quotation to the follow-up service, is focused on customer satisfaction.

Our values

M.M.’s mission is to reach customers' satisfaction by providing them with a large offer.

The personnel in its whole - sales and marketing managers, technical experts and product managers - work together in order to reach this goal.

The technical team in particular is able to elaborate almost any kind of composite solution, whether simple or complex - often customized solutions - always assuring high quality and precision.

Our presence around the world