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Modula Srl

Who we are

Modula is a company specialized in the processing of sheets of plastic for the manufacture of parts and finished products according to the needs of the customer, using the most suitable process of conversion to attain the end result. Our high level of expertise allows us to meet even the most exacting requirements and to create finished products, ready for installation and sale, in a very short time. Constant evolution and an ability to process complex projects with 3D files have led Modula to collaborate with major industrial groups in both the Italian and foreign markets.

Market sectors served:

Parts and fittings for earth-moving machinery

Components for farm machinery

Parts and fittings for industrial machinery

Parts and fittings for construction machinery

Interior and exterior fittings for cabins

Components for refrigeration and air conditioning systems

Street furniture and furnishings for public places

Product and advertising display stands

Components for the marine industry

Roofing for industrial buildings

Logistics and automation systems

Industrial packaging systems for special transport purposes

Our values

The story of Modula begins in and is intrinsically related to Montefeltro.
Modula's premises are in this area, inland from Pesaro, where four regions of central Italy share their borders: Le Marche, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria.
The sheer variety of landscapes, dialects, customs and traditions that are so close to each other and yet so disparate is, without doubt, what makes this area so unique. It is an awareness of the inestimable added value offered by this territory to Modula that has led the company to adopt eco-sustainable practices.
Environmental protection is in fact a categorical imperative for us as we believe all activities in the territory should be carried out with full respect for the rules in force and, especially, for the local environment.
It is because of the sheer beauty and inestimable value of this territory that we see it as a treasure to be preserved and protected for future generations.