Who we are

Movomech AB is a leading supplier of ergonomic lifting and material handling equipment. Since 1986, we have created unique customer-focused lifting solutions based on our advanced lifting manipulators and our well-known Mechrail™ aluminium crane system.

Thanks to our extensive product portfolio, we are active in most industries with lifting and material handling needs, both in Sweden and internationally. Our customers are found in widely different areas – from the general manufacturing and packaging industry to home and furniture manufacturers, automotive repair shops and more, and we also supply products and handling solutions to a number of system integrators and retailers.

Contact us and we will tell you more about how we help companies to streamline their production and improve their working environment!

Our values

We actively work for an economically viable business development where commitments to continuous improvement along with socially and ecologically sustainable development are fundamental principles.

We focus on our customers, our employees and our environment.