mta robotics AG

Who we are

With over 50 years of experience in precision automation, mta robotics AG develops and realizes high precision production machines for industries, such as electronics, optoelectronics, automotive, watchmaking and medical.

Under its mta® brand, mta robotics roglobally commercializes volumetric micro-dispensing and selective soldering processes based on standardized platforms. The product range includes components, simple manual systems, semi-automatic table robots as well as fully automatic production cells.

Our values

For years, our passion has helped us to create innovative and reliable machines and products in the precision micromechanics domain.

Our knowledge and strength provide us with the ability to find solutions at the cutting edge of what is technically possible. At the same time, we can industrialize the chosen solutions, while ensuring their quality and reliability.

The customer’s point of view is also at the heart of our technical choices, giving our engineers the chance to create unique products based on the specific requirements submitted to us.

Customer needs are therefore firmly rooted in our business culture which focuses on five essential values:

- Respect for commitments

- A spirit of openness

- Excellence

- Innovation

- Continuous improvement