Myron L Company

Who we are

For over 60 years Myron L® Company has been a leading manufacturer of water quality instrumentation. Because we are a privately held, customer-focused corporation, we are able to remain committed to excellence in accuracy, reliability, and simplicity while investing heavily in research and development. The result is a product line that includes powerful, innovative multi-parameter monitor/controllers, handheld meters and pocket testers built to last with convenient features like touchscreens and Bluetooth® connectivity. We offer a wide variety of measurement parameters including Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, Salinity, pH, ORP, Free Chlorine Equivalent, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate Concentration, Hardness, Alkalinity, Temperature, Flow, % Rejection and more! We also back our products up with live service and technical support for life! Contact us today to learn more. Phone: (760) 438-2021; fax: (760) 931-9189; email:; website:

Our values

Why go with Myron L? We have been manufacturing accurate, reliable, and simple-to-use, water quality management tools and equipment for over 60 years. Myron L products are built to last. Some of our original water quality meters have been in constant use for over 50 years. You also get exceptional customer service and technical support from live people for the life of the product.

We are also a privately-owned California corporation, so our bottom line is your satisfaction, not huge profit margins. That allows us to invest heavily in research and development and source quality suppliers, so you get the most technologically advanced instrumentation in the field designed to make your job easier and save you time and money.