Who we are

Naeco is a global company dedicated to the development, manufacture and of sustainable solutions for the transport of goods. We have an integral process that allows us to transform plastic waste into high added value resources to improve the logistics of our products. We have an extensive catalogue of pallets, boxes, containers and a great specialisation in the development of solutions for numerous sectors and applications.

Our mission at Naeco is to become a benchmark player in Sustainability, a concept that will undoubtedly set the guidelines for companies of the next generation. That is why we have a philosophy based on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and a business concept based on the Circular Economy, as our products are manufactured with recycled plastic waste from the yellow container, thus contributing to reducing waste and preventing it from ending up in the environment; we also have a ZERO WASTE production process and we recycle our products at the end of their useful life to create new products.

In addition, we are pioneers in launching a SUSTAINABILITY ECO LABEL that identifies whether our products are Recyclable, Recycled and/or Repairable and shows the amount of recycled packaging used to produce a unit of product.

Our values

To achieve our goals we have developed a work philosophy based on 3 pillars:

- Research, development and innovation: The constant evolution of technologies breaks down barriers that were insurmountable years ago, so being at the forefront of technology innovation is necessary. At Naeco, we work daily to create new products that improve the environmental impact of our customers' activities.

- Sustainability: At Naeco we have a great commitment to sustainability, as we are aware that it is necessary for all of us to do our bit in order to live in a better world. Naeco's raison d'être is based on environmental responsibility, which is why our philosophy is based on the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) and a process based on the Circular Economy. For this reason, our products are made from plastic waste, we produce them from a Zero Waste system and at the end of their useful life these products are recycled again.

- Customer service: We have a young and dynamic team focused on offering a High Quality Customer Service.

These 3 pillars form the basis of our company and are based on the Certificates we have obtained over the years; the ISO 166002, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and the AENOR Zero Waste Certificate.

We also have our Laboratory of Ideas (Naeco Research) which has a team specialised in innovation and the integral development of solutions, transforming our ideas and those of our clients into tangible solutions that also offer better efficiency and sustainability.

Our presence around the world