Nanjing Bocon Science & Technology Co. Ltd

Who we are

Founded in 2005, BOCON is a well-known corporation which specializes in researching, manufacturing and selling temperature sensors for industrial application and heat metering in China. and our engineering experience extends to much longer than that. Chairman of the board, Mr.Zeng Yongchun entered the field to research and manufacture temperature sensors in 1997, and has involved in the preparation and formulation of national standards for many years. In 2014, Bocon became the first temperature sensors manufacturers to be listed on the national equities exchange and quotations(NEEQ,which established upon the approval of the State Council). stock code:430519.

In the same year, Bocon established a new factory in Nanjing.

Our production premises are located in Dalian and Nanjing, respectively named Dalian Bocon Science & Technology Co.,ltd and Nanjing Bocon Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.

Our main product category falls into two aspects: one is industrial temperature sensors,includes RTDs,Thermocouples,Transmitters and the other is heat metering temperature sensor pairs. Our products are widely used in industrial and scientific research fields such as refrigeration,HVAC,wind power equipment, industrial furnace, rubber machinery, chemical fiber machinery, heat-measuring device and food industry.,etc

Bocon has always been committed to the continuous development and innovation of the products. In addition to having internationally advanced production process, we have also keep an eye on the development trends of temperature sensros and measurement technology around the world. With a professional team in research and development temperature sensors and measurement technology, Bocon has five standard temperature measurement laboratories and dozens of patents. The company was accredited to ISO9001 and ISO14001. All Bocon-branded products are CE, RoHS compliant.

Our aim is to provide good quality, professional service and high cost effective products and solutions to our customers

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Our values

Bocon has obtained ISO9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate. And our company is DUN & BRADSTREET registered company. Our products are CE and MID certified.

Our company philosophy:

Our customer is our partner

Quality is the basis of our success

Our staff is our impetus to move forward