Nano Pharm Tech Machinery equipment CO,LTD

Who we are

Founded in 1991, NANO PHARM TECH MACHINERY EQUIPMENT CO., LTD, is granted as National High-tech Enterprise by Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry

of Finance and State Administration of Taxation. Our company is also members of China Association for Pharmaceutical Equipment and Chinese Pharmaceutical

Association. With a modern production and research base covering an area of 50000 square meters, and a nearly 1000 square meters GMP standard laboratory, we can provide our customers with dynamic simulation and data analysis of a complete solid dosage production process.

With more than 20 years of experience, we have supplied solid dosage process equipment to around 2000 customers in pharmaceutical industry all over the world. With the continuous development of the enterprise, NANO will always endeavor to supply excellent solid dosage pharmaceutical equipment complying with cGmp, EUGMP, FDA standards to our customers. We also provide equipment design,

production, installation and training services to our customers in foodstuff, healthcare and chemical industries.

Our values

In order to provide excellent product, good service and timely maintenance, we promise as follows: guarantee all the composing system and critical parts meet the required national standards and provide satisfactory service timely.

Our main products include following modules: milling & sieving module, automatic weighing and dispensing module, CCS granulation module, blending module, ashing module, coating module and product transfer module. We also have developed blending, washing and sterilizing machines for sterile products production. NANO keeps technology innovation and always leads the industry in technology. We have developed liftable CCS granulation system and one pot granulator with patent right. Our other patents include roller compactor, coating machine and automatic

weighing and dispensing system. More than ten products have been awarded the national "high tech products" and "key new products" titles.